New Menus, Extra Hours on Friday, Etc.

So much to tell you about!

Foremost, thanks so much to all of you for making this World Cup time a blast. We’re really enjoying watching the games here on the big screen with you. Keep in mind that we open at 1:00 pm Monday – Thursday this week, and we show a live World Cup game at 1:30 pm. Immediately following, we show a taped game from earlier in the day. (If it’s the New Zealand game from this morning [Tuesday], you do not want to miss the second half…including extra time. The Kiwis provided a bit of heart stimulation.)

On FRIDAY, June 18, we’re opening at a special time: 8:30 am. We’re opening for breakfast and a live showing of the USA – Slovenia match. The US sorely needs the points after the lackluster tie with England (lackluster for both sides). Slovenia, coming off a surprising 1-0 win over Algeria, is in control of the group. The US needs to earn at least one point, but really three in this one. Come cheer on the US! Or, come play spoiler (esp. if you’re Slovenian).

Later in the day, at 1:30 pm, we’re going to enjoy a raucous live showing of England vs. Algeria. The English also need a victory if they are going to gain some security towards the next round. Capello’s under pressure and Rooney is feeling a bit tightly wound after the US bottled him up. This match should hold some fireworks.

Saturday and Sunday, we open at 8:30 am for breakfast and show live games at 9:00 am and 1:30 pm. The week’s rundown and our outstanding breakfast and lunch menus follow.


Merlins breakfast menu – It’s getting awesome reviews, and why not? We like it too. Come get a bite to eat Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Served through 12:00 pm.

Merlins lunch menu – Bangors, butties and so much more. Available 12:00 – 4:00 pm.



* Live World Cup (1:30 pm) Match – Brazil vs. North Korea. One of the most tantalizing first round matches, if only because of the historic brilliance of Brazil against the historic mystery that is anything North Korean. It should be entertaining, to say the least.

* Open Jam (8:00 pm) – “Folk, Blues and Beyond.” All musicians welcomed.


* Live World Cup (1:30 pm) Match – South Africa vs. Uruguay. The host nation takes on the winners of the very first World Cup!

Wednesday Pub Quiz with Bill Watkins (7:30 pm) – 8 Taste of Minnesota tickets given out to the top two winning teams!


* Live World Cup Match (1:30 pm) – France vs. Mexico. France was lifeless in its first match and has a great deal to prove. Mexico is young and hungry.

Music (8:30 pm) – Robb Henrey

Breakfast with the World Cup!

Special Event! Open at 8:30 am for breakfast!

* Live World Cup Match (9:00 am) – USA vs Slovenia

* Live World Cup Match (1:30 pm) – England vs. Algeria

Music (8:30 pm) – Kilt Night with Live Irish Music

Breakfast with the World Cup
Open at 8:30 am for breakfast.

* Live World Cup Match (9:00 am) – Ghana vs. Australia

* Live World Cup Match (1:30 pm) – Cameroon vs. Denmark

* Doctor Who Meetup Group (4:00 pm) – All welcomed

Music (8:30 pm) – Papa John and Hot Club of East Lake

Breakfast with the World Cup

Open at 8:30 am for breakfast.

* Live World Cup Match (9:00 am) – Italy vs. New Zealand. The defending champs (who played one awful and one strong half in the opener) take on the newly sparked All Whites.

* Live World Cup Match (1:30 pm) – Brazil vs. Ivory Coast. Former England boss Sven-Goran Ericksson once again tries to resurrect his reputation (esp. after that disastrous stop in Mexico), though he’s wrestling with some unfortunate injuries on what is one of Africa’s hopefuls for the next round. Tuesday’s exciting draw with Portugal is a good sign, though, for Côte d’Ivoire’s readiness.

* Sunday Pub Quiz (7:30 pm)

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