Breakfast with the World Cup

on the big screen


Open for breakfast at 9:00 am! We’re serving up our raved-about breakfast again. Get some traditional Isles-style breakfast while you enjoy live World Cup action. The Saturday morning game (9:00 am): Argentina vs Nigeria. Argentina, you may recall, features the world’s best soccer player: Lionel Messi. It’s also coached by Maradona–he who once led Argentina to the World Cup title (albeit via the “Hand of God” goal). Messi has been in supreme form the past couple years. Few on the pitch possess so much speed, control and fight. And Nigeria is strong, fast team with tremendous upside. At times, this squad can really delight. Will the home continent crowd push them to victory?

At 1:30 pm, some serious madness begins as USA vs. England takes over the screen and the screams. Huzzah! This is a dream opening match for the World Cup. Two fine squads and nations with deep history. Let the rivalry revive itself! And let the rest of us enjoy it.

Immediately following the live USA/England match, a taped match will be shown.


Open for breakfast at 9:00 am. Accompanying World Cup match: Serbia vs. Ghana.

1:30 pm match: Germany vs. Australia

Sunday Night Pub Quiz (7:30 pm)

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