Spooky Sunday

Come try a Spooky Bloody Mary (with a little help from an Eagan-based company that has created a perfectly spicy bloody mary mix containing all natural ingredients)

In the evening, we’ve got the Sunday Pub Quiz: 7:30 pm.


* New menu with lighter fare and sustainably-grown food: sandwiches, salads, wraps, etc. Our burgers are now made with the super-tasty and responsibly farmed Thousand Hills Beef. And St. Agnes Bakery in St Paul has become our new baker.

** A couple new beers options to add to our outstanding mix: the super tasty Bell’s Two Hearted on tap and, for those with more particular taste, PBR tall boys.

*** For yer fun and games, we’ve just got a nice new quoits board in from the UK, and we’ve got a beautiful new set of quoits. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Come on in and try it. Great craic to pair with your eve (or afternoon). It’s kind of addicting.

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