Quite the Quoits & Wild About the World Cup

Happy days, indeed! Thanks so much to all of you for the wonderful (and super positive) feedback on our new menu. (I’ll get the new menu PDFs up here on the site shortly.) The lighter summer fare and more local, sustainably-produced food is going over and down well…as are the pints of Bells Two Hearted and the always exquisite PBR Tall Boys. Mmmm.

Also, we’re playing quoits now! If you’re from or have spent any time in the Isles, you’ll know it well. If you haven’t a clue what I’m writing about, hey: stop up and inquire! We’ve just got a nice new board in from the UK, and we’ve got a beautiful new set of quoits. So give this trans-Atlantic experience a try. It’s kind of addicting.


Please know we’ll be showing loads of World Cup football…er, soccer…here at Merlins Rest! Come root on your squad and catch the best in international soccer here on the big screen. Look for mid-afternoon games during the week and even some special mid-morning games Fridays through Sundays.

The quadrenniel madness that is the World Cup takes place in South Africa 11 June – 11 July.

More on our game showings will be posted here on the website soon. Keep up with us as well on Facebook:


Music from Nikki and the Ruemates, 8:30 pm

St. Andrew’s Pub Night!

DKN – 4:00-7:00 pm – They entertainingly call it “Drunken Knit Night.” Essentially, it’s knitting (and needling one another) over pints and a spot of dinner. This group has been coming to Merlins every month or so for the past couple years, and they are great fun. All are welcomed at their (rather long) table. Come meet them!

St. Andrew’s Pub Night – 7:00 pm. The St. Andrew’s Society is one of Minnesota’s best cultural groups. They keep Scottish culture in our state vibrant. In coordination with our weekly Kilt Night, the St. Andrew’s crew will be here for a pub night. And in support and celebration, we’re offering specials on single malts. Plus: Scotch eggs will be available throughout the night!

As always on Fridays, the session musicians have a place here; so pop on up for the live Irish music too. It’s a hoolie!


Weekend Specials: Saturday and Sunday 12-4
Specials on Bloody Marys and Merlins Muffins, Scotch Eggs available all day
Music: Papa John and the Hot Club (8:00 pm)

Pub Quiz Guest Host: Our very own Maddie!

Weekend Specials: Saturday and Sunday 12-4
Specials on Bloody Marys and Merlins Muffins, Scotch Eggs available all day

Sunday Pub Quiz: 7:30 pm. Come support Maddie’s first night hosting the Sunday quiz!

NOTE: We are always looking for quiz masters for Sundays. Anyone can volunteer. Email chatwithmerlin@yahoo.com for more information.


We receive many requests for group gatherings and parties at Merlins (and we love them!). Please know we do offer a special catering menu for parties. Also, for larger groups that happen to be out and about, we welcome and recommend reservations on weekends. Given a heads up, we can best prepare and accommodate your group.

For more information, please give the pub a call: +1 612 216 2419.

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