The Honorable Merlins

Well then! Looks like yer boys Lee Tomlin and Bill Watkins met with the mayor of Minneapolis, R.T. Rybek, this past week. This was no “talkin’ to,” but an honor.

We were voted the Best Neighborhood Bar in the Twin Cities, so of course the mayor too took notice!

It’s a wonderful thing. We appreciate all of you (our patrons) who support us with your good humor, your love of a tasty pint, your cultural interests, and so much more. It’s the community we share and build with you that has led to all this well-appreciated recognition. Thank you.

See more photos at our Facebook page and at Bill Watkins’ page:!/pages/Minneapolis-MN/Merlins-Rest/43488676171?ref=ts!/wbillwatkins?ref=ts

Get a free pint!

It’s Kilt Night, so wear a kilt and receive a free pint. The tartan never looked so good…. Friday night will also have live Irish music, so don’t miss it.


We’re celebrating May 1 with a host of activities:

-Traditional English Dancers from 5:00-9:00 pm
-Papa John and the Hot Club of East Lake at 9:00 pm
-And new menu features, such as those listed above

The Sunday Pub Quiz
7:30 pm

Join us at 7:30 pm for the weekend’s most entertaining brain-bender. This week’s guest host: Lee Tomlin! 

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