Raise a (Pimm’s) Cup!

I know we’re far from “summer,” but all this gorgeous weather has us feeling frisky. We’ve got some special items now to celebrate the sun. For example, root beer floats and a Pimm’s cup cocktail, the latter of which is a fantastic sunny day pleasure from the Isles.

Got a grumble in your belly? How about a hot roast beef sandwiches with fries; or perhaps black bean pico with fresh tortilla chips.



The Watkins Wednesday Pub Quiz – 7:30 pm. Let Bill do the talking and you the talkin’ back. The Wednesday Pub Quiz is a delight.


Cooker John – 8:00 pm. Cooker John is one of the Twin Cities’ finest musicians. He plays finger-style and slide guitar, mixing folk, blues and originals that reflect a performing experience of over 40 years. Pop in for a tincture and at the same time enjoy this opportunity to share a musical experience of unusual depth and expertise.

Get a free pint!

It’s Kilt Night, so wear a kilt and receive a free pint. The tartan never looked so good…. Friday night will also have live Irish music, so don’t miss it.


We’re celebrating May 1 with a host of activities:

-Traditional English Dancers from 5:00-9:00 pm
-Papa John and the Hot Club of East Lake at 9:00 pm
-And new menu features, such as those listed above

The Sunday Pub Quiz
7:30 pm

Join us at 7:30 pm for the weekend’s most entertaining brain-bender. This week’s guest host: Lee Tomlin!

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