The Scene of the Crime

Lovely. Thanks to all for helping us celebrate our 3rd Anniversary! We had a blast. Pipers and prizes, cakes and cryers: a grand night indeed! A few photos of the festivities:

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7:30 pm

Yer man Bill Watkins hosts this hump day quiz in true Isle’s style. The quiz is 25 questions (teams of up to four) and there’s a great deal of levity involved. Call it a drink and think, if you like. Either way, it’s smart and it’s a gas.

Bring your friends, your ringers, even your enemies! Quiz starts at 7:30 pm.

Thursday, April 22
Earth Day at Merlins!

Everything’s gone green, as they say. Celebrate, perhaps even on our patio. Take in some sun and enjoy a pint and a tasty bite. In the eve, Deano & the Dinosaurs will play (8:30 pm).

Friday, April 23
Saint George’s Day

We celebrate all the saints days of the Isles. Please join us as we honor the patron saint of England, St. George. And, appropriately enough, we’ll offer a sumptuous roast beef dinner. Wear your St. George’s cross or an English national team jersey. And as it’s kilt night, we encourage the tartans too! London Pride pints at $4 all night. More details to follow.

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