Saturday’s Hot Club


Music from Papa John and the Hot Club of East Lake (8:00 pm). We get a number of groups coming in on Saturdays, so be sure to call ahead with a reservation if you need us to hold a spot for you. It is recommended. Given a heads up, we can best prepare and accommodate your group. For more information, please give the pub a call: +1 612 216 2419.


The Sunday Pub Quiz! Bob Gibson has volunteered to host this special Easter Day quiz. It all goes down at 7:30 pm.

And if you’d like to host a quiz some time, please do! We always welcome new quiz masters, as do the players (many of whom take a week off of playing in order to host). Anyone can volunteer. Email for more information.


* A new summer menu! New food, new drink.
* Merlins Goes Green (April 22)
* St. George’s Day celebration (April 23)
* Merlins 3-Year Anniversary Party

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