And Now for Something Completely Different

Thank you all for the absolutely crackin’ (er, craicin’?) good times on Paddy’s Day. Brilliant stuff all around: staff, patrons and pints!

And wasn’t it grand to have it all fall within such gorgeous weather?

You did notice the weather, didn’t you?


THURSDAY: Robb Hanson Band, 8:30 pm. (Blues)

FRIDAY: Salmon Special, Kilt Night, Celtic Jam (9:00 pm)

SATURDAY: Doctor Who (4:00 – 7:00 pm) and music from Papa John and the Hot Club (8:00 pm)

SUNDAY: The Sunday Pub Quiz with this week’s guest quizmaster, Judah (7:30 pm)

Retirement Party for Mike

Let us now gaze into our crystal ball to see what awaits us next week….It’s a special retirement party for our good friend Mike! Ye good soul, we wish you many years of relaxation and enjoyment–and we demand that you continue to tell the tales with us up here at Merlins.

See you Monday for what is at once look back and a look ahead, and all of it happens, as all good things do, in the moment. Cheers, friend.

All are welcomed!

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