Game Day!

American football is on! It’s the second-biggest day on the football calendar: the conference championship.

Join us for both games here on the big screen, including our very own Vikings. (Schedule below.) 

NOTE: because the Vikings game has an unusual start time (5:40 pm), we will not hold our weekly Sunday pub quiz until about 8:30 pm, which will be about when one might reasonably expect the game to be over (though never underestimate the professional game’s skill for drawing out the action with incomplete passes, replays, etc.). So a later quiz this week, but it will be held! Just FYI.

Brunch: 10:00 – 2:00 pm
Playoff Game #1: Jets vs. Colts (2:00 pm)
Playoff Game #2: Vikings vs. Saints (5:40 pm)
The Sunday Night Quiz: 8:30 pm. Yer man Lee will host.

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