Single-Malt Tasting and Deerstalker’s Arrival

Single-Malt Whisky Tasting
7:30 pm

Every first Thursday of the month, we break out the single-malts for a special tasting. $25 to participate and four or five pours included. We have an extensive (and well-reviewed) collection to which we are always adding.

And after the tasting, we’ll be unveiling our newest and one of our most special single-malts: DeerStalker 12 yr old. Bottled by Aberfoyle & Knight this rare single malt was bottled before the distillery was shut down in 1993. Deerstalker 12 Year Old is bottled at 46% abv unchill filtered and natural colour.

This malt whisky was not promoted particularly heavily as a brand. However, its spirit is recognised as a high-quality malt for blending so it has always been in demand. Neglected as a single-malt in its own right, the distillery was closed in 1993 but bought by Inver House in 1998. Inver House will not be bottling as a single until their own maturing stock reaches a suitable age.

Balmenach Distillery traces its origins back to 1824, making it one of the older distilleries in Speyside. Next to Glenlivet, Balmenach was the first licensed distillery. So pop up for the tasting on Thursday, and hang around for the opening of the Deerstalker. It’ll be here for only a short time. When it’s gone, it’s gone…until the new distillery owners’ stock reaches readiness.

Friday, January 15

Though you might expect them in the pub on January 8, our good friends in the Knit Night (or Drunken Knitters, as they often refer to themselves) will be here on Friday, January 15, from about 4:00-7:00 pm. It is, as the name implies, a knitting group…but this ain’t your great-gran’s sewing circle. Knit Night is a happy hour, or happy hours, as the case may be. Lots of stories and jokes over pints and, yes, the occasional clicking of knitting needles.

It’s open to all. Get to know them! They are awesome. We love ’em.

January 29

Burns Night returns! It’s one of the greatest celebration days on the Scottish calendar. Join us on Friday, January 29, for a Kilt Night like no other. Details will be sprinkled about here on the website throughout the month. Now, I know you can say “haggis,” but how often do you get to try it? Get on up here on Burns Night, for certain.

Valentine’s Dinner

We’re holding our night for lovers one day early. A special two-person meal will be served. Make reservations early so you won’t be disappointed! A menu will be released soon. (In years past, it has been spectacular.) And every woman gets a rose. Contact Jordan at +1 612 859 8440 to make a reservation.

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