Folk Jam, Thanksgiving Reminder

Tonight: Folk Jam
7:30 pm

Warm up!

It’s Tuesday, and the instruments are out. Join a host of friends here as they jam without amps or mics. It’s a little thing we like to call the Folk Jam: mandolins, guitars, simple percussion, fiddles, etc. Fantastic stuff. See you tonight!

We are open!
The pub will be open at 10:00 am on Thanksgiving Day. A traditional Thanksgiving dinner will be available after 1:00 pm. The cost is $16.75 and includes:
* Choice of turkey breast or ham
* mashed potatoes with gravy
* herb stuffing
* garden peas
* dinner roll
* choice of garden salad or Guinness onion soup
* choice of warmed pie and a cup of vanilla ice cream
And there will be music! Whether you are here for dinner or simply popping out for a pint, we’ve got tunes to carry you through your holiday eve. Deano and the Dinosaurs are here at 8:00 pm for live music.

November 27

It’s one of the grandest days on the calendar: St. Andrew’s Day! Celebrate the patron saint of Scotland’s day in high style with traditional music and food.

Speaking of Scottish things…

Thursday, December 3

We are having a scotch tasting on December 3!! Details to follow….

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