Open Mic, Whisky on Thurs, Knitting Returns

Tonight: Monday Open Mic
Time: 8:00 pm

Tonight, as every Monday, we start off the week with the Open Mic, hosted by Harrison Matthews. The ever-changing participants of this event deliver an eclectic mix of songs, stories, poems and so forth.

It’s your mic, it’s your talent. We invite all patrons to join in the community: lend your voice and ears! Raise a pint and start the week with a little creativity. Cheers!

Thursday, May 7
The Whisky Wench sends along well-wishes and has provided us with the line-up (and a few notes) for the next single-malt tasting, which will take place at 7:30 pm on Thursday, May 7. Fiona writes:
#1 Dewar’s Aberfeldy – Eastern Highlands
Strength: 40%
Appearance: uniform, gold, yellow tints
Nose: a little grassy, unripened melon, dandelion, heather, candied pineapple with just a hint of vanilla.
Palate: peppery, honey, a wee bit of spice, some oak creeping in and a malty taste
Body: medium
Finish: understated, delicious peaty taste left over, dry some citrus notes
#2 Benriach – Speyside
#3 Clynelish 14yr – Northern Highlands
Strength: 46%
Appearance: golden, uniform
Nose: fresh green apples, a little smoke, hint of peat
Palate: delightfully chewy, honeyed, fizzy end of tongue, perfume-like with pepper towards the end
Body: medium/full
Finish: full body rub (Christian Bale…where are you?)
#4 Glenmorangie Astar – Northern Highlands
Strength: 57.1%
Appearance: light gold, shimmering
Nose: incredibly rich, reminding me of toffee, crème-brulée perhaps even a really beautifully cooked bread pudding with a little pouring creame, almonds also come through with quite a bit of chocolate. When water is added it becomes a little more tempered and the flavors intermingle edging more towards to the creaminess that I mentioned.
Palate: I really find that the wood comes through strongly, however there are some many flavors to sink my teeth into it doesn’t subtract from the experience, reminds me of Easter chocolate Brazils that I used to steal from my Step dad when he wasn’t looking, some rich dried or poached fruit flavors with a bit of sweet fudge (not Brownie, UK fudge) and some fresh mint
Body: full
Finish: long and a little spicey…lovely!

Friday, May 15, 4:00-7:00 pm

It seems a curious sight, but it’s an absolute blast. Knitters from the Twin Cities gather here at Merlins every month to trade stories, further their skills, and, all in all, take down a few pints. We love ‘em dearly.

For those interested in learning more or perhaps joining them, they’ll be here May 15 from 4:00-7:00 pm. All are welcomed.

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