Thank you, friends

We’ve a pub quiz tonight at 7:30 pm, of course–It’s Wednesday, after all.

But I wanted to post a quick note to thank you all for the wonderful gathering here on Monday night. Our second anniversary party was a smashing good time. Our lovely host (T!) was…well, lovely. It was touching to here Naomi’s voice again. John Dingley and Bill Watkins, who were also celebrating birthdays, were both hilarious and cheerful. Garrigan’s Quarrel delivered plenty of spirit. And a long line of guests and revelers, both appearing on stage and simply being around the pub, made it a night to remember (though many pints later, some wonder what actually happened, of course).

And that opening bag pipe procession was truly grand! Thank you, boys, for your fantastic contribution.

Photos to come soon.

In the meantime, friends, please know you are appreciated. Slainte!

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