Pub Quiz, Going Green, Anniversary Reminder

It’s Wednesday, that halcyon day on which we pause to remember all the things we didn’t know we knew. Join us tonight for the weekly Watkins Wednesday Pub Quiz at 7:30 pm. Billy will lead you through 25 questions in the Isles pub quiz style–which means lots of laughs, a few pints and plenty of good cheer.

But first…

Dave Bicking Fund Raiser
5:30 pm

We’ve hosted libertarian gatherings, people from the local DFL, a number of republicans regularly toss back a pint here, and on April 15 we continue to promote this country’s democratic process and dialogue by welcoming our friend Dave Bicking and his fund-raiser. Dave is a candidate for city council and a member of the Green Party. Event starts at 5:30 pm, and all are welcomed, of course.

If you are interested in holding a group event at Merlins, consider giving Jordan a call at +1 612 859 8440.

April 20

Plans are creeping out regarding our 2nd anniversary celebrations this month. April 20 marks our official two-year mark, and for the evening we’ll have a number of entertainments:

* The gorgeous voice of Naomi Karstad
* The stories of Wild Bill Watkins
* The Dingley (biggest pack of lies you ever heard), and
* The music of Garrigans Quarrel

Please share part of your evening with us on April 20 and help us kick start our third year.

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