Irish Today, Scottish Tomorrow

Tonight: Live Irish Music
Time: 9:00 pm

Merlin’s beard! Is that the sun? Lovely.

It’s Friday and we’re feeling hopeful once again that something like a spring may be upon us. At any rate, Friday is upon us, and that means live Irish music in the pub. Kick off your weekend with the jigs and reels, our Kilt Night fun, and plenty of pints and pies.

And don’t forget…April 4 is TARTAN DAY! So on Saturday we are showing a little film:

Sean Connery’s Edinburgh
April 4, Saturday, 4:00-5:00 pm

Merlins Rest will be celebration our 2nd annual International Tartan Day with a showing of the 1983 documentary Sean Connery’s Edinburgh. (We’ve got a screen here on which to do such things.) Yer man Bill Watkins served as the film’s Lighting Designer. He’ll provide an introduction, to be sure. Admission: Free. Lovely.

Get a Belhaven! It’s a piece of heaven.

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