February 5: Single-Malt Tasting Tonight!

Single-Malt Scotch TastingTonight: Single-Malt Tasting with the Whisky Wench
Time: 7:30 pm

Fiona, aka the Whisky Wench, invites all to our Single-Malt Scotch Tasting tonight at 7:30 pm. These tinctures are sure put a bit of welcomed warmth in your blood on these winter nights. Lovely!

We do have a slightly changed tasting menu to announce, however, due to a last minute shortage of a whisky or two we’d intended to serve.

Fiona, dear soul, is put out a bit by this for she’d worked on a brilliant rhyme with a Valentine’s-inspired tasting theme of “The Laddie, the Goose, and the Inch-Long Toul.” The Toul is missing however! Drat. But let that not deter us from our drams!

The schedule:

* Inchmurrin 12yr
* Glengoyne Cask Strength 12yr
* Dalmore 12yr
* Bruichladdich 12yr
(regular, probably not rocks as previously thought)

Additional details:

* $25 flat fee to participate
* 4-5 grand pours from our extensive stock

It’s great fun and really really great scotch. Give the tasting a try and learn from Fiona. She’s a grand soul. And don’t forget to visit her website: www.whiskywench.com.

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