December 29: Congratulations, Whisky News, & More

Tonight: Open Mic with Harrison Matthews
Time: 8:00 pm

Yer man John Ring-a-Ding Dingley has passed along word of some staggering quiz news from Sunday night’s brain-bending session: the team “Black Flamingo Brigade” won The Dingley Torture with 51

This is quite an achievement considering quizzes normally are worth only 50 points (25 questions, 2 points per) and a perfect quiz is very rare indeed.

This quiz was actually 26 questions, with two having been numbered 24. Participants were given a choice to answer either, or three points total if they could correctly answer both. The Bridgade was just too tough!

Congratulations go out to Benjamin Livingston, Samantha Ross, Susan Herder and Vanessa Monahan-Rial. Great work! We’ll post the quiz at the end of today’s entry.

Thursday, January 1, 7:30 pm

Start off the new year with a nip of the best! The Whisky Wench (a.k.a., Fiona) is back with our next single-malt scotch tasting. Fiona reports:

I have some fine drams for you and this time we will focus upon what’s in a finish; contrasting some light finales with the heady richness of The Macallan.
#1: Royal Brackla – 10yr
#2: Singleton – 12yr
#3: Hazelburn – 8yr
#4: The Macallan Cask Strength

Check out more at for tasting notes (click on the tasting tab). Cost to participate: $25 per person. And, of course, shortbread is included! Sláinte.


Tonight, as every Monday, we start off the week with the Open Mic, hosted by Harrison Matthews. The ever-changing participants of this event deliver an eclectic mix of songs, stories, poems and so forth.

It’s your mic, it’s your talent.

We invite all patrons to join in the community: lend your voice and ears! Raise a pint and start the week with a little creativity. Cheers!


1. Two books, In Our Defense: The Bill of Rights In Action and The Right to Privacy were written by two female attorneys. Ellen Alderman was one who was the other?
Caroline Kennedy

2. If your house is over five years old and you have tree branches touching it you will find that these creatures are also sharing your house with you. Their presence is sometimes indicated by the presence of fras and or sawdust. I know them as Camponotus pennsylvanicus. What are they?
Carpenter Ants

3. In 1861 The New York Times printed an ad. for ‘Dr. Power’s French Preventatives.’ What were they?

4. Who is the president of Egypt?
Hosni Mubarak

5. A Colombian woman received a  transplant using her own stem cells so her body would not reject the transplant. The transplant was essential for breathing. What was the transplant?

6. On this day in 1832 he was the first vice president to resign. Who was he?
John C. Calhoun

7. Edward O. Wilson is a professor of biology at Harvard University. His specialty is Myrmecology which makes him an expert on what?

8. In a relationship a woman should never say what first?
I love you

9. In Arizona, paramedics began using a new CPR method. They skip one step of the procedure. What step do they skip?
Breath step

10. Minneapolis and Seattle share the top spot as the most what of American Cities?

11. These creatures can be studied by rearing or temporarily maintaining them in formicaria, specially constructed glass framed enclosures. What are these creatures?

12. The Aswan Dam is found in what country?

13. The first evidence of the use of these was around 1000BC in Egypt. They were used for disease prevention. What were they?

14. The primary site of gas exchange with the blood in the lungs is called a what?

15. Pavement, Yellow crazy, Sugar, Pharaoh, Carpenter, and Argentine are all species of what animal?

16. Who is under consideration to replace Hillary Clinton as a New York Senator?
Caroline Kennedy

17. What colors are the flag of Egypt?
Red, white, black, gold

18. There are four species of mammal in the suborder vermilingua. They are the Silky, Giant and the northern and southern Tamanduas. What are they?

19. The FC, FC2 and the VA are three types of what being used to replace others that have been exclusively for males. What are they?
Female condoms

20. Spiracles are what insects do this through?

21. These creatures dominate most ecosystems, and form 15–20% of the terrestrial animal biomass. They are socially organized and are sometimes referred to as super organisms. What are they?

22. What country is the source of the Blue Nile?

23. What was described in the 1700’s as “an armour against pleasure, and a cobweb against infection”?
A condom

24. A US president was born on this day in 1856. Who was he?
Woodrow Wilson

24. What is the capital of Ethiopia?
Addis Ababa

25. This was a 1998 cartoon feature with characters called Z, Chip, Queen, Muffy, Barbatus and Azteca. What was it called?

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