August 13: Pub Quiz and the Folk Jam Tonight

Wales Rugby has BrainsTonight: Specialist Pub Quiz
Time: 7:30 pm
Music: Weekly Folk Jam (after the quiz)

Mid-week arrives! Happy days, indeed. I tell you what: yesterday felt so much like Thursday that I was sorely disappointed this morning to discover the weekend was not nearly as close as I wanted it to be.

But Wednesday is a fine day, friends! The Guinness taps are primed and we’ve got smarts and spirit tonight.

Join us for John Dingley’s mid-week torture session: the Specialist Pub Quiz. This is a more focused variety of the general (though occasionally far-flung!) knowledge quiz ol’ boy delivers each Sunday night.

The details: 25 questions, 2 points per question (answered correctly), teams of up to four. Charge? Free, of course! That’s how a pub quiz should be. Participants get a point for their participation, and those participation points accrue each week and are added to your final quiz score. So if you score 38 and this is your 10th quiz, you have a 48. Why is this important? When someone scores a 50, they win the pot! As John puts up to $40 each week in, it can become quite a bit.

The Folk Jam follows.

See you tonight!

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