July 25: Kilts, Irish Music and Warhammer Invades the Soap Factory

Tonight: Kilt Night with Live Irish Music
Time: 8:30 pm

Happy Friday, everyone! We had a lovely time with the fundraiser last night and it was a pleasure to once again host the Birds & the Beers.

For those of you who would like to donate to Jordan’s run–she’s running in the Nike Women’s Marathon to raise money for Team In Training’s (TNT) work with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS)–her training website will be up through October. Give it a look, please! She’s a grand soul, and it’s a worthy cause.


I tell you what: we’re feeling up to a hoolie tonight! The Irish session musicians are invited up and will be playing the traditional music. We’ll have our kilts on–and by all means wear yours, if you’ve got one–and we’ll be raising the pints. Happy days, indeed!

lindsaydrummond.gifAnd before I get too carried away with things, let me also mention our good friend Lindsay Drummond who’s in Australia. She’s a fine musician and singer. We just acquired a copy of her album More Than Enough. While she isn’t a traditional Irish singer, hey: she’s a fantastic supporter of Irish and Celtic culture. Cheers to her, and cheers to her latest CD! We’re really enjoying it. Give her a listen at her website. And thanks, Lindsay, for the EP.

Right! Back to it: Kilt Night and Irish music. Keep the stories and the taps flowing, friends! And let the Irish music move your feet. Slainte.


soap.jpgOur good friend Fiona, who many of you know as “The Whisky Wench” from our monthly single-malt scotch tastings–coordinates a number of matters over at the Soap Factory, a non-profit visual arts gallery. One of the current installations involves an artist’s sculptural version of the popular game Warhammer.

The artist has invited players of the game to visit the Soap Factory and actually use the art installation for real gaming sessions.

Interested persons and parties must schedule time through Fiona. For more information, please contact the gallery +1 612 623 9176 or email Fiona.

(Special thanks to Chas of MacGregor Historic Games for his assistance with the Warhammer info and link this morning!)

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