July 22: Misplaced Tuesday, the FMR & News from the Isles

Tonight: Music from Misplaced
Time: 9:00 pm

Our Tuesday-night band, Misplaced, will be back in the pub tonight. It’s Misplaced Tuesday! Enjoy your mid-week with a pint and a bite to eat and take in the sounds of summer.


Friends of the Mississippi RiverFriends of the Mississippi River (FMR) is a citizen organization that works to protect and enhance the Mississippi River and its watershed in the Twin Cities area. Merlins Rest has sponsored some of FMR’s work.

The organization has 1400 members (and at times about 2500 volunteers), and it uses interrelated programs, such as low-impact development (LID) partnerships and riverside plantings, to ensure land conservation, clean watersheds, and much more.

The list of projects FMR has contributed to or led is remarkable. Give FMR’s website a look, friends.


Sir Gerard Kelly's Fag Ash Lil* The legendary punk rock record label and store, Good Vibrations, is returning to Belfast after a 15-year hiatus. Happy days to Terri Hooley!

* South Lanarkshire will be the home of Europe’s largest onshore wind farm. Scottish ministers have signed off on the deal.

* In Wales, Sir Gerard Kelly’s “brazen” nude painting–sometimes dubbed a “fag ash Lil”–will be put back on display after what has been a 60-year ban. The woman is depicted as holding a cigarette…which as some of you may recall were those things filled with tobacco that one lit and inhaled.

* And the BBC on how not to do an American accent.

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Keep telling the tales!

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