July 18: Kilt Night & Live Irish Music!

Kilt Nights and Irish Pubs in MinneapolisTonight: Kilt Night with Live Irish Session Music
Time: 8:30 pm

It’s Friday! Lovely.

What’s on tap besides a load of tasty pints? For starters, we’ve got our weekly kilt night, friends. Wear your tartan, your blackwatch, what have you, with pride. Join Bill Watkins and friends for a little end of the week merriment.

Don’t have a kilt? No worries! Come as yourself or someone else. (We aren’t that picky.) And if you would like to learn about getting a kilt, just ask Billy. He makes them. Just yesterday we received a thank you through the website for Bill from a man who’d had a Morrison kilt made.


And we’ve got the Irish session musicians coming up! They are gems, all of ’em. Mandolins, guitars, bodhrans, fiddles and fifes–whatever moves ’em in the moment. They play music as it’s played back in the pubs in the Isles: no mics, no amps, just top notch musicians playing off of one another and keeping the traditional Irish music alive and vibrant.

Pop up, enjoy your evening, and give ’em a cheer. They are worth it!

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