June 30: Open Mic

Open Mic at Merlins Rest in MplsTonight: Open Mic with Harrison Matthews
Time: 8:00 pm

Well now, that was an alright weekend, I have to say. And let me say that I’m glad to have arrived home in the Twin Cities after some responsibilities in South Florida. The humidity there was brtual. (Hey! Put away that tiny violin! I’m not complaining, really. Not that much.) Right!

Back to it: we sally forth on the normal course of things tonight with the Merlins Rest Open Mic. Catch it at around 8:00 pm. (You can never pin the creative types to an absolute start time.) It’s hosted by our good friend Harrison Matthews and it’s loads of fun. Definitely a fine way to infuse some creativity into the week, which can be essential on a Monday, as you know.

So lend your ear to it if you will, or perhaps even lend your voice and creative talent. Poems, stories, songs; guitars, tap shoes, whathave. It’s a spirited time. All are welcomed.

And don’t forget we’ve got our patio open! Summer in Minnesota is not to be spent indoors!

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