June 25: Pub Quiz Tonight!

Pub Quizzes in MinneapolisTonight: Specialist Pub Quiz
Time: 7:30 pmHoly smokes! Tonight we’ve got the Specialist Pub Quiz at 7:30 pm. It’s the other side to Dingley’s Torture, the first being his Sunday night quiz.

The Wednesday Specialist Pub Quiz has a guiding theme or topic…but that topic is announced only as a surprise at the outset of the quiz. Gah! But it’s worth it.

Each week John Dingley, our Welsh publican, puts up to $40 in the pot. You get 1 point for each quiz you participate in and those points are added to your aggregate score (quiz score + participation points). We someone scores 50 on the aggregate, they win the prize! The pot sometimes crests $400, so keep that in mind.

We need at least 7 teams competing to put the quiz and money in play, though. So bring your trivia ringers! Get out on a Wednesday night and spirit yourself through the mid-point of the week with a pint and some intelligent laughs.

The Folk Jam follows.

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