June 20: Live Irish Music & Pub Quiz Answers

Irish Music in MinneapolisTonight: Live, Traditional Irish Music
Time: 8:30/9:00 pm

It’s the weekend! And to keep one of our patron’s heads from exploding, we’ll refer to the Friday night music as Irish. (It is. Agreed.) We’ve generally deferred to Celtic, though, not to draft on the popular touring shows or slickly produced singers (and their marketing departments) but in deference to the larger Celtic–not solely Irish–community involved in this pub, the lives of the patrons, the formation of the music, etc. And because of the very old Celtic culture in Ireland.

Tonight the great tradition of pub music continues! The Irish session players are invited up, and what they do here is not to be beaten. Pure spirit. Their sounds pair wonderfully with a couple pints (and not just for them)!

Enjoy these evenings, friends. Summer has finally arrived. Take in some fresh air on our patio while you’re here.


Ha! Well, we appreciate that you came back, man. Thanks.


Our good man John Dingley has passed along the answer to two recent pub quizzes. I’ll post the first today (quiz from June 15) and the second tomorrow.

1. Robert Southey. Wrote works such as Fall of Robespierre, Devil’s Thoughts and The Doctors which included the first publication of a well known fairy tale. What is the Fairy Tale?
Goldilocks and the Three Bears

2. They can come in two basic configurations: open heeled and bar and can also have additional features such as clips, calks, jar calks, screw-ins, bubbles, or grabs. What are they?

3. 1919 – Captain John Alcock and Lt. Arthur W. Brown won $50,000 for successfully completing the first, what?
Non-stop trans-Atlantic plane flight

4. Raphus cucullatus was found on the island of Mauritius. It stood three feet tall and weighed in at 44#. It belongs to the family Columbidae. It is extinct. What is it?

5. Researchers say that this activity cuts breast-cancer risks, protects your bones, helps you sleep, and more. What is it?

6. Mesohippus lived some 40 million years ago in the mid-Oligocene. The first of its kind to stand on its middle toe. It was an ancestor of what animal?

7. On this day in 1215 – King John of England put his seal on the first document to indicate future democracies in the western world. What was this document?
Magna Carta

8. Bermuda, Bowed, Box, Delta, Fighter and Geometric are different shapes of objects that have been used by man since the 5th century BC. What are they?

9. What is the most popular sport on the island of Mauritius?
Horse Racing

10. After setting the mood with lighting and finessing, the Georgia Aquarium’s attempts to coax this animal to mate has paid off. What is this animal?
Sea Dragon

11. Phoenix Mars Lander has scooped soil from the Martian surface. The first to mini trenches the scoop has made have been given names. What are they?
Dodo Goldilocks

12. On this day in 1752 a little spark showed the relationship between lightning and electricity. Who was responsible for this discovery?
Benjamin Franklin

13. Cephalopods including octopods, squids, cuttlefishes and nautiluses are in danger from PCBs, TBTs, BDEs, and DDT* known as POPs. What are POPs?
Persistent organic Pollutants

14. The inhabitants of the village of Calvi Vecchia, Italy, and of the British troops stationed there in World War II were saved by a message. How was this message sent?
Carrier Pigeon

15. When the Democratic National convention was deadlocked for thefirst time this man was nominated and became the first “Dark Horse” candidate for president. Who was this president?
James K. Polk

16. What is the person called that is a specialist in equine hoof care, including the trimming and balancing of a horse’s hoof so as to fit shoes to the horse’s foot?

17. White-tipped, Grey-fronted, Brown-backed, Grey-chested and Rock are all species in the family Columbidae. What are they?

18. On this day in 1836 – What state became the 25th U.S. state?

19. Black-winged, Black-shouldered, White-tailed, Mississippi and Slender-billed are all common names of what kind of birds?

20. One was an aviator, another a Bishop, another a behavioral ecologist, another a composer, another a physicist and another a producer. They all share the same first and last names. What are the names?
John Alcock

21. Big-belly, Narrow-bellied, Pygmy, Tiger tail, Crowned and Long-snouted among many others are common names of animals in one ocean dwelling genus. What are they?
Sea horses

22. What colors are the flag of Mauritius?
Red, Blue, yellow, green

23. Ectopistes migratorius flew in large flocks. The flocks were sometimes a mile wide and up to three hundred miles long. The last one seen alive was called Martha. What were they?
Passenger pigeons

24. The genus hippocampus mate when the female lays eggs in the males pouch where they are fertilized and embed in the wall of the pouch making the male pregnant. What is the common name of this animal?
Sea Horse

25. It was too hot, too cold or just right. Too Hard, too soft or just right. For who?

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