June 18: Pub Quiz Tonight & Birds and Beers Reminder

Pub Quizzes in MinneapolisTonight: Specialist Pub Quiz
Time: 7:30 pm

Holy smokes! Tonight we’ve got the Specialist Pub Quiz at 7:30 pm. It’s the other side to Dingley’s Torture, the first being his Sunday night quiz.

The Wednesday Specialist Pub Quiz has a guiding theme or topic…but that topic is announced only as a surprise at the outset of the quiz. Gah! But it’s worth it.

Each week John Dingley, our Welsh publican, puts up to $40 in the pot. You get 1 point for each quiz you participate in and those points are added to your aggregate score (quiz score + participation points). We someone scores 50 on the aggregate, they win the prize! The pot sometimes crests $400, so keep that in mind.

We need at least 7 teams competing to put the quiz and money in play, though. So bring your trivia ringers! Get out on a Wednesday night and spirit yourself through the mid-point of the week with a pint and some intelligent laughs. The Folk Jam follows.


On Thursday eve at 6:00 pm, we’re calling all birders! Sharon Stiteler, aka the Birdchick, will be in the pub meeting informally with other birders. Even if your interest is only casual, you’ll enjoy this discussion. It’s free and fun.


Hey! Thanks are due to the writers of Beer Musings from Minneapolis-St. Paul. They popped through on Sunday afternoon, it seems. Slainte!

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