June 15: Remembering Brian Bates

Death of Brian BatesToday: Brunch
Time: 10:00 – 2:00 pm
Music: Tom Bradley

Tonight: Sunday Pub Quiz
Time: 8:00 pm
Music: Sam Fiske before and after the quiz

We were saddened to learn this weekend of the passing of our good friend Brian Bates, a fine soul and wit. He was a staple at pub quizzes here and at other Irish pubs in the area. Two links have been passed along to us, one detailing some of Brian’s achievements as an environmental attorney and the other an obituary.

He was just 60 years old. He will be missed.


We’ve got our Sunday brunch served from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm. It features traditional Irish and British breakfasts and classic American fare. Get a cup of coffee with it and kickstart your Sunday.

Music is also provided by Tom Bradley, whose an absolute gem. Give the breakfast a taste and Tom a listen. Share your Sunday morning stories and celebrate the weekend, friends.


Every seven days we pull John Dingley out of his darkened office and prop him up at the front of the pub. We give him some Welsh lollipops and a glass of milk, and like that he reanimates. He then bellows out 25 questions and awards 2 points for each correct answer (and sometimes 1 point for an almost right answer).

The pub quiz is a grand time (and speaking of time, it starts at 8:00 pm sharpish). And it can be profitable too.

You see: you get one point for participation; your participation points accrue; and week by week your participation points are added to your final quiz score. Perhaps you score 42 (of a possible 50) and this is your third quiz. You then have a 45 on the aggregate.

Why is this important? Because when someone scores 50, they win the pot. John puts up to $40 in the kitty each week. When someone wins the pot, everyone’s attendance points reset, so you are never far from the field. It’s not unusual for the pot to swell into the hundreds.

Also, yer man Sam Fiske provides some excellent jazz an hour before and 30 minutes after the quiz. It’s a little thing we call Sam’s Sandwich.

Overall, it’s a fantastic way to spend a Sunday eve. Casual, loads of laughs, and a bit of smarts. Get yourself a pie and a pint and enjoy.


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