May 20: Misplaced Tuesday & News from the Isles

Tonight: Misplaced
Time: 9:00 pm

Tonight our friends in the band Misplaced continue their regular Tuesday night gig with us. It’s a Misplaced Tuesday! Catch ‘em at 9:00 pm as you stop out for a bit of mid-week relaxation. Summer IS coming, I swear! And Misplaced Tuesday is one of those signs. The weather warms. The music is good. And you’ve an opportunity to enjoy a pint on the patio here at Merlins.

See you tonight!


* Bilbo–Britain’s only lifeguard dog–has been banned from the beach

* Bananas and Mozart! Bananas and Mozart!

* Wow. After 18 months and 18,230 puzzle pieces, a man in Wales named Butterworth has discovered he’s FIVE PIECES SHORT of finishing the monstrous 10 ft x 7 ft work.

* And Celtic fans are saying goodbye to Tommy Burn, who passed away much too early

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