May 13: Misplaced & Knitting Needles

Three HorsesTonight: Misplaced
Time: 9:00 pm

Well here I am out in western Arkansas’ horse country. Our publican John Dingley is an avid horse-racing fan and quite a talented handicapper (which is someone who wagers on races, not someone who harms horses). He might be happy to know I met one of Secretariat‘s grandchildren (or was that a great-grandchild?) yesterday on at a barn just across the border in Oklahoma.

But that’s neither here nor there! What’s important is what’s on tap here at Merlins Rest.


Our new Tuesday night band, Misplaced, will be in the pub tonight at 9:00 pm. So as you pop out for a bit of a mid-week tincture, place yourself here! They’re always in fine form. (You may have caught them during our St. Patrick’s Day festivities.) Get out and warm up your spirit with a pint in your belly and some good music in your ears. Lovely!


Just to whet the appetite: Keep your eyes open, friends. Yer man Bill Watkins‘ trilogy-completing book, The Once and Future Celt, will be published shortly. We’ll have a reading and book release party later this month. Details: Forthcoming.

Stay tuned!


Heavens! They’ll be armed with long needles and copious amounts of top-quality beer!

That’s right: the knitters will be in the pub this Friday afternoon and early evening, 4:00 – 7:00 pm. If you have a casual or serious interest in knitting, consider joining theme. (You can find them within the strong Ravelry community online. Look for Crafty in Minnesota.)

Just find me another pub with knitting! It’s really very spirited and underscores everything we believe in here: the people make the pub. That’s the way it is in Ireland and the UK. That’s the way it’ll be here.

Afterwards, the Celtic musicians will be in the pub for a live session performance. So mark Friday on your calendar! It’s going to be a fantastic night here. We hope you’ll share part of your evening with us.

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