May 7: Specialist Pub Quiz, Folk Jam & Quiz Answers

Health and Fitness, MinneapolisTonight: Specialist Pub Quiz
“Health & Beauty”
Time: 7:30 pm

Music: The weekly Folk Jam will follow the quiz

We want to open today by thanking the site visitor who passed along funeral information on Tim Dickson. That is, when funeral information might be available. Roundabout, Tim’s family has indicated that they may line things up late this week or perhaps not until early next week.

We hope to have the full information for you at that point. Thank you all for your kind words about and interest in Tim’s life.


Tonight we’ve got the Specialist Pub Quiz at 7:30 pm. It’s the other side to Dingley’s Torture, the first being his Sunday night quiz.

The Wednesday Specialist Pub Quiz has a guiding theme or topic. This week’s: “Health & Beauty“. It’s difficult to say exactly what that might entail, especially when the quiz might come from Dingley’s brain. But it’s a theme. So bring your ringer or a team of them! (Got an in with a cosmetologist?) Spirit yourself through the mid-point of the week with a pint and some intelligent laughs.

But wait! There’s more!

(Including the answer’s to last Sunday’s quiz at the end of this entry….) 


We aren’t just stopping with the quiz tonight–which, by the way, can be attached to a cash prize if you score high enough–we’ve got the weekly Folk Jam with Bill Watkins (he of Silly Wizard fame) and friends. The Folk Jam, like our Friday night Celtic musician session, is played without amps or mics. It’s an Isles pub-style gathering of musicians simply working off one another’s lead while sharing a few pints and playing at a table or two right in the pub rather than in a performance zone.

Good time and great music.

The Folk Jam starts after the pub quiz. See you tonight!


The Mosher/Ekstrand Experiment happens tomorrow at 9:00 pm. More on that…TOMORROW.

from 4 May 2008


1. Who wrote Black Beauty?
Anna Sewell

2.  What are airlines doing to save fuel?
Slowing down

3. Big brown won the Kentucky Derby yesterday and has every chance of becoming a triple crown winner. When was the last time we had a triple crown winner?
1978 Affirmed

4. What is the horse power of one engine on a Boeing 747? A. 75,000, B. 125,000, C. 175,000 or D. 225,000?
B. 125,000

5. Experts are mystified by a “swarm” of what hitting Reno, Nevada?

6. The run for the roses is the other name for what horse race?
Kentucky Derby

7. What is so unique about a sports car called Tesla?

8. Where would you expect to find the Marra mountains?

9. The Interior Department now has just 16 days to issue a decision on whether to list what animal under the Endangered Species Act because of global warming?
The polar bear

10. Lerwick is the capital of what group of northerly Scottish islands?

11. Equus Hippotigris quagga is a relative of the horse what is it?

12. The cost of jet fuel, while highly variable from one airline to another, averaged what percentage of total operating costs for airlines?  A. 6.5%, B. 16.5%, C. 26.5% or D. 36.5%?
C. 26.5%

13. On this day in 2003 – Idaho Gem was born. He was the first horse to have been what?

14. On this day in 1471 – In England, the Yorkists defeated the Landcastrians at the battle of Tewkesbury in what war?
War of the Roses

15. On this day in 1905 – the worlds largest race track opened on Long Island. What is it called?

16. After a tornado devastated Greensburg, Kansas on this day last year. How are they rebuilding the town?

17. Lord Rothschild was famous for frequently driving his carriage through London pulled by a team of what animals?

18. On this day in 1776 – what state declared its freedom from England two months before the Declaration of Independence was adopted?
Rhode Island

19. Why was George Washington often seen chasing foxes on Sunday morning, instead of praying at church?
He was a non believer

20. Chad and the Central African Republic comprise most of the western border of what country?

21. Dartmoor, Connemara, Black Forest and Newfoundland are all breeds of what animal?

22. What colors are the flag of Kenya?
Black, white, red, green

23. In road running and bicycle racing what semi-official term describes heavier male competitors, generally over 200 pounds?
A Clydesdale

24. Name the state that is known as the ocean state?
Rhode Island

25 What range of kiddie’s toy, introduced in 1982 by Hasbro were individually named, Blossom, Minty, Butterscotch, Cotton Candy, Blue Belle, and  Snuzzle?
My Little Pony

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