May 6: Dickson Update, Misplaced Tuesday, Wednesday’s Clue

Tonight: Misplaced
Time: 9:00 pm


We now appeal to those of you reading the site for information on any funeral or wake arrangements for our friend Tim Dickson who passed away suddenly this weekend. If any of you are in contact with his family and hearing of any details that you might share, please do. We’ve received many requests from his friends, the Celtic community, co-workers, etc. for information on how we might pay our final respects.


Well well well! Seems I jumped the gun last week. I got my start dates all turned about. So let me correct the record:

Tonight our friends in the band Misplaced begin their regular Tuesday night gig with us! It’s now a Misplaced Tuesday. And we like it that way. Catch ‘em live at 9:00 pm as you pop out for a bit of a mid-week tincture and welcome this new staple in our musical diet.


John Dingley, our Welsh publican, has passed along the Wednesday night quiz topic: “Health and Beauty.” So bring your ringer! Know a beautician? or nutritionist? a medical professsional? or simply keep up with health issues? Ah, it doesn’t matter. The quiz is loads of fun anyway! Stock your team with experts, or just pop up and enjoy a couples pints. Wednesday at 7:30 pm is our next quiz.

Tune in tomorrow for answers to this past Sunday’s quiz.


* In Berkshire, they’ve made a tribute to Viking longboats by constructing a 100-ft. tower out of Lego bricks. Huh. They hope the structure is a record.

* A Belfast beauty Queen hopes to glamorize UK politics by standing for election

* Scotland is promoting fungi to the frontlines of toxic cleanup projects

* The NHS Redress (Wales) Measure 2007 is on the verge of being passed by the Welsh National Assembly. Why is this significant? Because it will be the first law passed by a Welsh assembly since Hywel Dda (Hywel the Good) did it in the 10th century. It will also be the first bilingual law.


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