May 5: Cinco de Mayo & Open Mic

Patio at Merlins Rest, MinneapolisTonight: Open Mic with Harrison Matthews
Time: 8:00/8:30 pm

First, for those searching the web for information on the death of our friend Tim Dickson, you can read our announcement of his passing in yesterday’s entry. (We’ve noticed a significant spike in traffic to the site today from people searching for news about Tim.) He was (and is) greatly loved.

When we hear of more information, such as funeral arrangements, we’ll announce those details. We hope to have something for you Tuesday morning.


It’s Cinco de Mayo! I know many of you feel compelled to imbibe a Corona or something like that today, but I hope you’ll give thought to other enlightening tinctures, such as an imperial pint of Fuller’s ESB. Hey: the weather is grand and we could all use a little joy today.

Pop up and get yourself a drink and a bite to eat and sit out front in the sunshine. We open at 4:00 pm today.

And if you’re up here tonight, at about 8:00/8:30 pm, we’ll kick start the week’s events with the Merlins Rest Open Mic featuring our host Harrison Matthews. He’s a great man, that Harrison, and we have so many fine singers and poets and such in the pub. The Open Mic is a fantastic way to share some creativity and get the week moving in the right direction.

Sing it, say it, share it, friends. Lend your talent or an ear. Hey: it’s your mic! We appreciate you.

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