May 2: Kilt Night, Celtic Music & Banksy

Tonight: Kilt Night with Live Celtic Music
Time: 8:30 pm –

Friday! Splendid. Thanks to all for popping out for the “Whiskeys from around the World” tasting. Good times, fantastic spirits.

Tonight let’s keep the good times rolling. We’ve got our weekly Kilt Night with Bill Watkins and live Celtic music played session-style, as it’s meant to be played. Stop in, raise a pint, and enjoy your weekend, friends.

And while you’re at it, why not have a couple Welsh Lollipops? They are on our late-night menu, so be sure to give a look at them. Right tasty.


* The graffiti artist Banksy has established an exhibit with other street artists in a disused tunnel in South London. The BBC also has a photo series of some of Banksy’s eye-catching work.

* Chucklevision is ending

* The Welsh economy has much going for itself, and Cardiff has become a jewel of a city, but the old mining legacy still strains economic prospects.

* And for you political junkies: the local election results are in and it’s been a real shellacking for the Labour Party. The Conservatives took 44% of the vote, and even the Liberal Democrats, at 25%, topped Labour. Prime Minister Gordon Brown is looking even more dour today than usual.

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