April 30: Specialist Pub Quiz & Folk Jam

vitruve.jpgTonight: Specialist Pub Quiz on “Horses and Horse Racing”
Time: 7:30 pm
Followed By: the Folk Jam

  Right! The weekly Specialist Pub Quiz takes place tonight at 7:30. It’s hosted, as usual, by our Welsh publican and torture-master John Dingley.Tonight’s theme: “Horses and Horse Racing”

The specialist quiz varies from our Sunday Pub Quiz in that it focuses on a specific topic, such as the cinema. But just like the Sunday quiz, the specialist quiz offers you one participation point for each quiz you attend. Your participation points are added to your final score. The first person to reach 50 on this aggregate scoring system wins the money in the pot…and John Boy puts up to $40 per week in. Recently one of the pots crested $200. That’s not bad scratch for just telling people what you already know! Play often and bring your friends–including the ringers–or make new ones. Teams of up to four are allowed.

Mr. Dingley will also be doing some horse-handicapping in the pub tonight! So if you’d like an inside line on the Kentucky Derby, pop in. John and his friends from Canterbury Park are quite good. Give ’em a listen.

FOLK JAMIrish Scottish Welsh British Isles pub Minneapolis Minnesota Celtic beer

The Merlins Rest Folk Jam is here! Each week the jam brings together local musicians and friends to enjoy a few pints together and move some music. A great range of instruments appear in this–various guitars, mandolins, percussion elements, fiddles, etc. It’s really a rather unique event, quite unusual in American pubs. No mics, no amps. Just some musicians gathered around a table or two and trading sounds and stories. Music starts after the quiz, so target 9:00 pm for this mid-week spirit-lifter.


Fiona, aka the Whisky Wench, will lead the next Merlins Rest Single-Malt Whisky Tasting on Thursday, May 1, at 8:30 pm. This is a later start time than our previous tastings, so please take note of that.

And this next tasting will have a guiding theme: “Whiskeys from Around the World.”

The details: $25 flat fee to participate, 4 – 5 grand pours from our extensive stock. Give this community event a try, friends. It’s great fun and really really great whisky. And Fiona is a gem.


And best wishes to Ann With No E who is battling through a cold. We look forward to seeing you healthy and happy on Sunday morning for brunch! Get well soon, friend.

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