April 29: Misplaced & the Whisky Wench

Tonight: Music from Misplaced
Time: 9:00 pm

Well, looks like my sense of the calendar is a bit foggy. Our Irish dance instructor friend Paul was kind enough to point out I’d promoted the next single-malt tasting as taking place on April 31. Yikes! Well, after a bit of a blush, that’s all been corrected. Looks like I misplaced my brain!

Speaking of Misplaced, that’s the name of the band at Merlins Rest tonight. Catch ’em live at 9:00 pm as you pop out for a bit of a mid-week tincture. Sure we had some cool weather recently, but the trees are still budding and spring cannot be stopped! Get out and warm up your spirit with a pint in your belly. Lovely!


Fiona, aka the Whisky Wench, will lead the next Merlins Rest Single-Malt Whisky Tasting on Thursday, May 1, at 8:30 pm. This is a later start time than our previous tastings, so please take note of that.

And this next tasting will have a guiding theme: “Whiskeys from Around the World.”

The details: $25 flat fee to participate, 4 – 5 grand pours from our extensive stock. Give this community event a try, friends. It’s great fun and really really great whisky. And Fiona is a gem.

Earlier this month, she held a single-malt tasting up in Duluth at Carmody Irish Pub, the interior for which was done by our own Bill Watkins. Ed Gleeson, who’s a fine soul and the man who heads up Carmody, had this to say about Fiona’s single-malt session up there:

It was fabulous!!! So many who missed it are asking for another and we’ve scheduled her again in September. Pairing the food with her selection of malts was a killer. Will try and round up some pix. And how I miss the gang at Merlins!

Eddie Gleeson

So get on up here to Merlins and join the whisky tasting! Listen to the Wench. She knows her stuff.


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