April 25: Kilt Night & Dingley’s Podcast Moment

Tonight: Kilt Night with Live Celtic Music
Time: 8:30 pm –

Curses! What wickedness has brought about this cloudy, cool front? Looks like we’ll have to stay warm with a couple weekend-celebrating pints, eh? (Lovely how those pints have a cooling effect on warm days too….) But one must not let a silly thing like water trapped in the upper atmosphere get one down!

Join us tonight for the weekly Kilt Night and Live Celtic Music.

If you haven’t visited one of these nights, you really must. The local session musicians set up at the front of the pub and play without microphones and amps. They play as music is best played: unscripted and with musicians working off of one another. It’s an absolute joy.

Great craic and perfect for yer pint. So tell a tale with us tonight, share a laugh, and let’s all spirit ourselves into Saturday.



We’re absolutely tickled to find our Welsh publican, John Dingley, caught by a podcaster with a microphone in the pub. Johnny was challenged to sing the Welsh anthem, and John, as you may known, never turns down an opportunity to sing. Like many Welsh, he’s a tenor and he’s quite good.

Give a listen over at Bring It Up. Numerous moments from John’s quiz are recorded, but his singing appears about 80% of the way through the podcast (if you only have time for that much).

Big thanks to our podcaster for sharing the moment. We appreciate it!

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