April 22: Earth Day & Misplaced

Earth Day, MinneapolisTonight: Misplaced
Time: 9:00 pm

Happy days, friends! It’s just lovely, isn’t it?, to have sun and warmth and all that again. And fine thing to for it to arrive by Earth Day. I’d suggest you study up on environmental topics, by the way, given that Wednesday night is a specialist quiz night and Sunday night is the general pub quiz night. John Dingley is a man who loves nature, you know. It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if he cracked off a number of energy, water conservation, agriculture, permaculture and related-issue quiz questions between these quizzes.

(Wednesday’s quiz: 7:30 pm. Sunday’s quiz: 8:00 pm.)

Tonight we welcome our new Tuesday night band: Misplaced! We hope they feel right at home with us.

So get out for a walk in this weather, then pop through for a pint–yin & yang, you know?–and give Misplaced a cheer.  Music starts about 9:00 pm. See you tonight!

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