April 21: Open Mic!

Open Mic at Merlins Rest in MplsTonight: Open Mic
Time: 8:00/8:30 pm

Thank you, friends, for all the good spirit you brought to our anniversary week. We had a blast. It included the last Bedlam Tuesday; two nights of a battle of the sexes (that is, an all-female staff night followed by an all-male staff night); performances by Garrigan’s Quarrel, Cooker John and the Hot Club of East Lake; a specialist pub quiz; a regular Sunday Pub Quiz; a Punch & Judy Show; and birthday cheers for Bill Watkins, John Dingley and even the Doctor Who Meetup Group!

A grand time was had. Thanks for all the joy.

Right! Back to it. Tonight we sally forth on the normal course of things with the Merlins Rest Open Mic. Catch it at 8/8:30 pm. It’s hosted by our good friend Harrison Matthews and it’s loads of fun. So lend your ear to it if you will, or perhaps even lend your voice and creative talent. Poems, stories, songs; guitars, tap shoes, whathave. It’s a spirited time. All are welcomed.


Tuesday nights have a new name, and that name is Misplaced. And, no, that’s not a clever misprint! The name is Misplaced. Pop in tomorrow to get a listen to this new Tuesday night fixture. Music starts at 9:00 pm.

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