April 17: Cooker John and the All-Male Staff Night

Tonight: Cooker John
9:00 pm

No, it’s not an “All-Male Revue!” here at Merlins. This isn’t that sort of bar. We’re a proper pub, hey. But we are celebrating our anniversary and that means plenty of fun and just a little bit of a challenge. Last night’s fun included an All-Female Staff Night and a performance from Garrigan’s Quarrel, so tonight we’re holding the second part of this little battle of the sexes with an All-Male Staff Night featuring music from Cooker John.

Stop up and give the lads a cheer as they try to keep it together. C’mon on, lads! You can do it!

(Thanks, by the way, to the women of Merlins Rest who were fantastic last night. You are gems, all of you.)


Cooker John is one of the Twin Cities’ finest musicians. He plays finger-style and slide guitar, mixing folk, blues and originals that reflect a performing experience of over 40 years. Pop in for a tincture and at the same time enjoy this opportunity to share a musical experience of unusual depth and expertise. Music starts around 9 PM.


* Early writings from Charles Darwin on his theory of evolution are being made available online for the first time

* Could skeptics sue clairvoyants, mediums and psychics? A change in European rules may create that situation

* Cheers to Celtic on a thrilling 2-1 victory over Rangers! Celtic is now just one point back in the two clubs annual race to win the Scottish League. (Whither Aberdeen!?)

* And a bumbling, topless Welsh burglar has been identified by a self-absorbed tattoo that noted his birthday and where he’s from. Note to self…

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