April 14: Opening Up & History Time

Tonight: Open Mic with Harrison Matthews
Time: 8:00/8:30

Sunshine! Warmth on the way! And it’s our anniversary week.

We’re having an absolute blast with the pub. Thank you, everyone, for your constant support and spirit. We wanted to bring forth a pub in the traditions of back in the Isles, which has meant deferring to the people who frequent the pub rather than filling it with conversation-killing flat-screen tvs. Our culture is the culture of the community who meet here–locals, ex-pats, traveling musicians, etc.

It’s been a grand time, and we’re celebrating it this week. Please, pop in and say hello!


The Merlins Medieval History Group, which is not necessarily about medieval things, meets tonight in the pub at 7:00 pm. This informal group gatherings to discuss history, family names, and other elements that connect us to the Isles and across the centuries.

Open and free to all. Share your story!


Tonight: Harrison Matthews leads the Merlins Rest Open Mic night. Bring your guitar, your singing voice, your accordion; your poems, your stories, your novel chapters; etc. It’s your mic! Things begin around 8:00/8:30. Traditional Irish ceili dancing sometimes occurs before. (Listed on OpenMics.org.)


* Tuesday, April 15, 9:00 pmBedlam has been a Tuesday night fixture here at Merlins Rest, but on April 15 they’ll play their final regular set. We still hope to host them on special occasions, but as they have another regular gig lined up, we want to wish them well and send them out in style. Cheers to John Sjogren and the boys for all the good times! Pop in, friends, and give ’em a hurrah!

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