April 10: Mosher/Ekstrand & Finnegan’s Photos

Tonight: The Mosher/Ekstrand Experiment (Jazz)
Time: 9 pm

Happy days, friends. It’s Thursday and a bit chilly…made chillier still by the hideous tax bill I just received! Looks like I need a Guinness. I suppose one could let life get to one, but why would one? It’s so much better to just step back, relax–one…two…three….–and greet things openly. Clear mind, full pint. Lovely.

Our friends Kathy Mosher and Bobby Ekstrand will be in the pub tonight providing the jazz. They are treasures, those two. They’ll play an eclectic mix of music ranging from folk to blues and toss in a dash of rock and a bit of jazz to boot. Music from 8:30/9:00 – 11:00.

It’s the Mosher-Ekstrand Experiment! And it’s good. See you soon.


April 11 – 4:30 – 7:00 pm – Knitters! Many of the members of this spirited knitting circle interact via Ravelry. And every month or two we’re lucky enough to host them here in the pub. Usually, more than 20 show. It’s quite a site to see so many needles and pints! And: they are really quite a funny group. Get out your yarn and make something!


The good people at Finnegan’s provide the Twin Cities with plenty of merriment on a daily basis, but even more so each year on St. Patrick’s Day when they sally out in pub crawl bus and raise some money for charity while elevating the already finely-tuned spirits of the pub they pop through.

We were fortunate enough to be on their list again this year. We’re big fans. Thanks for the rollick, Finnegan’s! And congratulations on raising thousands of dollars. Cheers to all your supporters!

See some photos from Finnegan’s pub crawl in the Cities at the Finnegan’s site.

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