April 8: Bugs & Bedlam

Tonight: Bedlam Tuesday!
Time: 9:00 pm

Rats! I’ve spent much too much time today trying to defrag this buggy wi-fi network in my house. I’m ready to just chuck it all in and head up to the pub where there’s free, dependable wi-fi. This home-based thing is for the birds, hey.

Alas, it will soon be time to pop up to the pub anyway. Why? Because it’s Bedlam Tuesday!

The boys of Bedlam will be in the pub tonight playing their blend of Irish and Scottish-influenced folk. Great fun, those guys. And you’ll often find some of their friends from other areas bands and even from the Minnesota Renaissance Fair appear with them. It’s just that Bedlam is all about community, and that’s why we love them so much.

So stop up and raise a glass to them; they’ll gladly raise a glass to you.



We’ve got three events to tell you about for Wednesday, April 9:

Lóma Mór Irish Dance Club announces a series of three spring-into-summer fundraising special events. Lively Irish dance music (jigs, reels, hornpipes, and more) at all three events will be provided by some of the Twin Cities finest traditional Irish musicians. Event #1 will be held Wednesday, April 9 at Merlins Rest, from 7:00 – 9:00 pm. We will hold a benefit céilí dance with lessons in basic steps at 6:30.

Specialist Pub Quiz! The single-subject/theme quiz is normally held at 7:30 pm. John Dingley will be in the pub to guide it, though it’ll be worked in around the ceili dancing. It’s going to be a lively event!

The weekly Merlins Rest Folk Jam. Bill Watkins and friends will provide the music, sans mics and amps. It’s folk jamming as it’s meant to be: musicians, a few pints and some spirited music. Music starts around 9 pm.


* The inquest into Princess Diana’s death in France has FINALLY concluded. Perhaps after 11 years we can put this issue to rest?

* How (and why) to take it easy in Wales

* The UK’s favorite children’s television animal is…Bagpuss. Take that, Dangermouse! Take that, Pooh Bear!

* Al Jazeera plumps for Welsh singing sheep

* And though it has nothing to do with the Isles, it was in the Guardian and caught our eyes: Putin underwear!

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