April 7: Open Mic & Looking Ahead

Tonight: Open Mic with Harrison Matthews
Time: 7:30 pm

The Merlins Rest Open Mic is a chance for everyone to share a bit of hidden talent while enjoying a bit of a tincture. Catch it tonight at 8/8:30 pm. It’s hosted by our good friend Harrison Matthews and it’s loads of fun.

So lend your ear if you will, and perhaps even lend your voice and creativity. Why let a Monday night get you down? Make it yours. We invite poems, stories, songs; guitars, tap shoes, whathave. It’s a spirited time. All are welcomed.


Michael Quinion’s World Wide Words is a wonderful weekly read that provides a British perspective on the English language. He works with readers to uncover the origins and current state of words and phrases that may intrigue you…such as quockerwodger.

Check it out.


April 9 – 6:30 – 9:00 pm – Irish Dancing
Lóma Mór Irish Dance Club announces a series of three spring-into-summer fundraising special events. Lively Irish dance music (jigs, reels, hornpipes, and more) at all three events will be provided by some of the Twin Cities finest traditional Irish musicians. Event #1 will be held Wednesday, April 9 at Merlins Rest, from 7:00 – 9:00 pm. We will hold a benefit céilí dance with lessons in basic steps at 6:30.

April 11 – 4:30 – 7:00 pm – Knitters!
Many of the members of this spirited knitting circle interact via Ravelry. And every month or two we’re lucky enough to host them here in the pub. Usually, more than 20 show. It’s quite a site to see so many needles and pints! And: they are really quite a funny group. Get out your yarn and make something!

April 12, Saturday – New Brunch Hours
We have new brunch hours! Starting April 12, we’ll open at 12:00 pm every Saturday. Traditional Irish breakfasts and classic American fare will be served through 2:00 pm.

April 13, Sunday – New Brunch Hours
Starting April 13, we’ll begin opening at 10:00 am every Sunday for our fantastic brunch. Sample breakfast as it’s meant to be served in the Isles, and dabble, if you will, in our mastery of American classics.

April 14, Monday – 7:00 pm – Medieval History Group Meetup
Got a question about the history of your family name? Or some knowledge or interest to share about the Isles, or Arthurian lore, or similar things? Then join us for a fun discussion that traverses across continents and centuries.

April 16, Wednesday – Evening – All-Female Staff Night
He-Said, She-Said Part I!! Come cheer on our little battle of the sexes. Pop up on Wednesday for the all-female server night, and again on Thursday for…

April 17, Thursday – Evening – All-Male Staff Night
He-Said, She-Said Part II. As part of our anniversary fanfare, we’re holding a tiny battle of the sexes event. All in good fun, you know. So stop in Wednesday and cheer for the ladies, and again on Thursday to root for the lads as we hand them the keys and the run of the place.

April 19 – 4:00 pm – Doctor Who Meetup Group
Do you know the who, what and where of Who? These kids do. It’s also the anniversary of their group. So pop up and get to know them and share your knowledge of and interest in our time-traveling friend.

April 20, Sunday – 1:30 pm – Family Afternoon
It’s our anniversary! We’ll celebrate in the afternoon with a number of fun things, including a Punch & Judy show!

April 20, Sunday – 8:00 pm – Sunday Pub Quiz Anniversary
What better way to close out our anniversary celebrations than with our original, general interest quiz?

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