April 5: Hot Club & Brunch News

Tonight: The Hot Club of East Lake (Jazz)
Time: 9 pm

There’s no denying it now! It’s spring and it’s lovely. What better way to celebrate than with a spot of brunch, a little lounging in the fresh air, and some jazz in the evening?

That’s how we’re spending our Saturday, friends. We hope you’ll spend part of yours with us.

Tonight we’ve got the Hot Club of East Lake in the pub. They’ll be playing some of the Cities’ finest jazz. And you just might get to see the man himself, Papa John. So pop in for some Welsh Lollipops and a pint of Fullers ESB or Guinness, and enjoy your Saturday night! Music starts at 9 pm.


With the warming weather, there’s so much to get out and about and do in the early hours. As such, we’re going to set some new hours for Saturday and Sunday. Our traditional Irish breakfasts and American classics will still be served up, but starting the weekend of April 12, the Saturday and Sunday opening hours will be:

* Saturday: 12:00 pm
* Sunday: 10:00 am

Again, our popular brunch will still be served through 2 pm. Now, get out and enjoy the return of light and warmth! Then, come in and tell us a tale. Like public radio, we’re listening.

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