April 4: Kilt Night & News from the Isles

irtrad.gifTonight: Live Celtic Music
Time: 8:30 –
It’s Friday! It’s Kilt Night! It’s a wonderful world.

Last week we had an absolute gas on Friday. The people were in high spirits, we had an army of Celtic session musicians providing the music, and the taps were flowing. We hope and intend the same for tonight.

Pop up and lend us a bit of your evening, if you will, and share in the laughter. If you’ve got a story, hey: we’re listening. See you tonight!


Following our Wednesday night Specialist Pub Quiz, we held our weekly Folk Jam. It’s an informal opportunity for musicians to gather without amps or mics and, as the name implies, just jam. Our friend Teresa snapped the following image from the night:

Folk Jam Music at Merlins Rest Mpls

Thanks for sharing that! We appreciate it.


Scottish pubs minneapolis Burns NightDid you know we have Tartan Day coming up? This Sunday, April 6, is Tartan Day, and it’s a lovely thing. A number of the Twin Cities’ vibrant Scottish community will gather at the foot of the Capitol Mall in St. Paul between 2:30 and 3:00 that day, in tartan, certainly, to commemorate the day. It’s the annual Parade of Tartans: the March for Scotland.

Afterwards, there are a number of celebrations. We’ll be celebrating it here at the pub, so we encourage you all to take part in or give your support to the parade and then pop up here to raise a pint.



* The brutal Grand National race at Aintree will take place this weekend, and that also means Ladies Day at Aintree with plenty of fanfare, gowns, and more hats than a milliner’s warehouse

* Is Daniel Craig the next Roger Moore? Craig has vowed to stay on as Bond until his “joints go.” Huh.

* A Welsh marathoner decides to do it hell bent for leather

* Glenn Campbell is keeping a tartan blog during his Scotland Week visit to the United States…and he isn’t always behaving the way his hosts hope he will. (Good on ye!)

* And cheers to John Smedley, the knitwear manufacturer in Derbyshire that has operated since 1784. It may be the world’s oldest manufacturing facility.

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