April 3: Single Malt Tasting & Quiz Answers

wenchpostermail.jpg Tonight: Single-Malt Whisky Tasting with the Whisky Wench
Time: 7:30 pm

Once again, dear friends, Fiona will lead us into the world of single-malt scotch. It’s the first Thursday of the month, and that means the Whisky Wench rules the roost.

Join Fiona and many others tonight in the pub for a single-malt tasting. She provides four or five grand pours from our extensive and ever-growing stock. It’s the largest in the Twin Cities, and it’s all quite tasty.

And there may be a theme.

Cost: $25 flat fee to participate


Following the whisky tasting will be some Scottish music.


Scottish pubs minneapolis Burns NightDid you know we have Tartan Day coming up? This Sunday, April 6, is Tartan Day, and it’s a lovely thing. A number of the Twin Cities’ vibrant Scottish community will gather at the foot of the Capitol Mall in St. Paul between 2:30 and 3:00 that day, in tartan, certainly, to commemorate the day. It’s the annual Parade of Tartans: the March for Scotland.

Afterwards, there are a number of celebrations. We’ll be celebrating it here at the pub, so we encourage you all to take part in or give your support to the parade and then pop up here to raise a pint.

Some additional Scottish resources for you:

Clan Tartan

Minnesota Scottish Fair & Highland Games

Royal Country Scottish Dance Society – Twin Cities Branch

St. Andrew’s Society of Minnesota

Scottish American Center

Twin Cities Scottish Club

30 MARCH 2008

The answers from last Sunday’s general-interest pub quiz!

1. He was born on this day in 1853. He was an art dealer and a preacher in his early years. He painted The Red Vineyard and The Starry Night. Who was he?
Vincent van Gogh

2. Condylura cristata is a small North American animal found in eastern Canada and the north-eastern United States. It has the title of fastest-eating mammal, taking only 120 milliseconds to identify and consume individual food items. It is functionally blind. How it catches its food is a clue to its common name?
Star Nosed mole

3. The Barker Ranch, California is being searched for bodies. Who used to live there?
Charles Manson

4. In the US Levees are used to hold back water. In western Europe and the British Isles they have a different name. What is it?

5. If you were an Araneologist what would you be studying?

6. On this day in 1867 – The U.S. purchased Alaska from Russia for how much money?
$7.2 million

7. Permanent Court of Arbitration, the International Court of Justice, the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, the International Criminal Court are all located in this European city known as the legal capital of the world. Name it?
The Hague

8. Emotion is now said to make what part of our anatomy more efficient?

9. Helianthus annuus is an annual plant native to the America. Oil from the seeds of this plant can be used for cooking or bio-diesel. What is this plant commonly called?
Sun flower

10. Although this naturally occurring fiber is not as strong as some man made fibers, however it is five times as strong as steel of the same density. What is it?
Spider silk

11. What country is completely surrounded by South Africa?

12. What colors are the flag of Belgium?
Black Yellow Red

13. Approximately 32 grams of oxygen is equivalent to one what of oxygen?

14. The collapse of a 160-square-mile portion of Antarctic ice collapsed this last week. What is the name of this particular piece of ice?
Wilkins Ice Shelf

15. This president married Hannah Hoes, a maternal cousin. Hannah died before her husband became President (and, therefore, never became First Lady of the United States) Who was this president?
Martin van Buren

16. Trapdoor, Lynx, Spitting, Wolf, Assassin and Huntsman are common names for what animal?

17. On this day in 1950 – U.S. President Truman denounced this Senator as a saboteur of U.S. foreign policy. Who was he?
Joe McCarthy

18. This animal has over 240mil olfactory cells and even detects smells in water. What is it?

19. In the top ten of highest prices paid for paintings this artist has three works. Who is it?
Vincent van Gogh

20. What occurred yesterday starting at 8 p.m. in Christchurch, New Zealand. What did citizens from around the world do?
Turned off lights for an hour

21. What is the state flower of Kansas?

22. This country is more recently known for its rather liberal policies toward recreational drugs, prostitution, homosexuality, abortion, and euthanasia. Its internet connection rate is 87.8%, the 2nd highest in the world. Name this country?

23. Latrodectus mactans is associated with a red hour glass. What is its common name?
Black Widow Spider

24. This president was part of the inspiration for the appearance of the “Grandpa” character on the TV show, The Munsters. Who was he?
Martin van Buren

25. Finish this first line from a popular mid 1950’s song? “When it’s Spring again I’ll bring again” What will be brought again?
Tulips from Amsterdam

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