March 30: Sunday Pub Quiz

Tonight: Sunday Pub Quiz
Time: 8 pm

We’re serving brunch today (I’m about to head for a spot myself) from 9 am – 2 pm, per usual, and welcoming this Sunday morning sunshine. Lovely.

Tonight, we’re holding the weekly Sunday Pub Quiz at 8 pm. Twenty-five questions, two points per. Participation earns you one point that adds to your final score. The more quizzes you take, the larger your aggregate score grows. For example, you score 42 points and this is your third quiz. You finish with an aggregate of 45.

Why is this important? Because our publican and quizmaster John Dingley adds up to $40 per week to the kitty. When someone scores 50, they win the pot and everyone’s participation points reset.

Sometimes the pot has swelled to around $400, so drop in every week with your team of up to four. It’s a general knowledge quiz (history, politics, geography, etc.) and it’s loads of fun. A fine way into the week.

Get a pie and a pint and make it a pleasant conclusion to your weekend. Happy days!


Our friend Sam Fiske will provide the music an hour before and 30 minutes after tonight’s quiz. It’s a little thing we like to call Sam’s Sandwich. Great jazz to liven up the evening even more. See you soon!

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