March 27: Anniversaries & Answers

April is on the way! And that will mean a number of fantastic events here at Merlins Rest. We’ll have a single-malt tasting with the Whisky Wench (April 3), Irish dancing (April 9), the 783rd birthdays of Bill Watkins and John Dingley, numerous groups meeting in the pub, and, of course, our ONE-YEAR ANNIVERSARY!

A week’s worth of fanfare will surround the anniversary, so keep watching this site for more news, and ask about it all the next time you’re up at the pub.

As for tonight, we’ve got Dino & the Dinosaurs providing the blues music, circa 9 pm.


We try to remember to post every quiz and their answers…after the fact, of course! Here is the quiz John Dingley delivered on Sunday, March 23:

1. Who wrote “The Sentinel”, “The Fountains of Paradise” and “Childhood’s End” among other works?
Arthur C. Clarke

2. What country is often referred to as the roof of the world?

3. It was announced recently that six new quarter coins will be released next year. What will be represented on the reverse of these coins?
Washington DC, Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, US Virgin Islands and Northern Mariana Islands

4. One light year is how many actual miles. A. 5.4 mil, B. 5.6bil, C. 55.6bil or D. 5.9tril?
D. 5.9trl

5. Rescuers found four explorers “wet and cold” but alive Friday afternoon in a cave in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. What is the study of caves called?

6. A great American organization had their annual conference this weekend. Ellen Johnson is the president of this organization and Richard Dawkins was the keynote speaker. What is this organization?
American Atheists

7. Name the capital of Sri Lanka?

8. On this day in 1835 – Charles Darwin reached the coastal town of Los Arenales, in the Andes. What was the name of his ship?
The Beagle

9. Chiropractic neck adjustments, pregnancy, oral contraceptives – even getting a salon hair wash, or riding a roller coaster can bring on a severe health problem. What is this problem?

10. On this day in 1889 – this U.S. President opened Oklahoma for white colonization. Who was he?
Benjamin Harrison

11. Large sea spiders, jellyfish with 12-foot tentacles, huge sea snails and starfish the size of big food platters were found during a 50-day voyage, marine scientist Don Robertson said. Where were these creatures found?
Ross Sea Antarctica

12. Who was the American revolutionary that declared, “give me liberty, or give me death!” on this day in 1775?
Patrick Henry

13. Where would you expect to find a Troglophile?
In a cave

14. Protesters marched in Britain yesterday to the Chinese Embassy. Who were these protesters?
Tibetan Exiles

15. Early last Wednesday the light from a star that exploded in a previously unknown galaxy reached earth. It could be seen with the naked eye. How far away was this star. A. 750milLY, B. 1.7bil LY, C. 3.7BilLY or D. 7.5BilLY?
D. &.5BilLY

16. On this day in 1836 – Franklin Beale invented this numismatic device. What was it?
The coin press

17. S. W. Wisconsin, S. E. Minnesota and N. E. Iowa Is known to geologists as the what region?

18. On this day in 1066 – The 18th recorded perihelion passage of what took place?
Halley’s Comet

19. He served in the Royal Air Force as a radar instructor and technician from 1941-1946, proposed satellite communication systems in 1945 which won him the Franklin Institute Stuart Ballantine Gold Medal in 1963 and a nomination in 1994 for a Nobel Prize[6], and became the chairman of the British Interplanetary Society from 1947-1950 and again in 1953.[7] Later, he helped fight for the preservation of lowland gorillas[8][9] and won the UNESCO-Kalinga Prize in 1962. He died last week at the age of ninety. Who was he?
Arthur C. Clarke

20. On this day in 1965 – America’s first two-person space flight took off from Cape Kennedy with astronauts Virgil I. Grissom and John W. Young aboard. What was the name of the craft?
Gemini 3

21. Deep hypogean or cave environments can host autonomous ecologies whose primary source of energy is not sunlight, but chemical energy liberated from limestone and other minerals by what?
chemoautotrophic bacteria

22. Who is Tenzin Gyatso?
The 14th Dalai Lama

23. What colors are the flag of Sri Lanka?
Green, orange, yellow, maroon

24. On this day in 1857 – Elisha Otis installed the first modern what in a public building?
passenger elevator

25. After five rejections, it was accepted for national syndication in 1958, and now appears in over 1,300 newspapers nationwide. It is written by Johnny Hart. What is it called?

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