March 25: Bedlam Tuesday & Knitting Needles

Tonight: Music by Bedlam
Time: 9 pm

Tuesday, Tisdag, Dienstag, etc. It’s not quite Humpday yet it certainly isn’t Monday. It’s a fine distance from the work week’s opening gambit and just shy of the middle mark. And that, I think, makes it something of a hopeful day. It’s the day our batteries are really recharging.

And perhaps that’s why we love to have Bedlam in the pub on Tuesdays, and why so many come out just for this. They play Irish and Scottish folk and they’ve got a fine sense of jamming. Great fun for the set and lots of laughs in general here on Tuesdays. A good crowd + good music + really tasty pints = a well-spent evening. I hope you’ll share an hour or two of yours with us too.

Music starts around 9 pm.


Knitting at Merlins Rest in Minneapolis

Every month or two a wonderful group of knitters stops up at the pub. It’s a fantastic sight and they keep us laughing plentifully.

(The photo to the left was sent to us by Jacqueline Wegscheid, who’s part of the group. Thank you, Jacqueline, for sharing the group shot. We appreciate you!)

The next meeting is scheduled for April 11. More information as we get closer. Hey: all are welcomed! Knit on.

If you’ve got a group coming into the pub, or if you’re looking for a place to hold an informal gathering, give us a bell.


* Is the song “Mister Bellamy” an intentional anagram and a song about Paul McCartney’s divorce from Heather Mills?

* Irish dancing in Belfast pays off

* Is Shetland actually part of Scotland? We’re taking it back to King Christian of Denmark on this one….

* Wales recently banned parking fees at hospitals (nice!) and now is banning sugary snacks in hospital vending machines (fair enough).

* And I may be getting a new job: BINGO! That ain’t bad scratch, eh.

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