March 22: The Hot Club

Happy days, friends, and thanks much for the recent messages. We welcome your questions and suggestions on menu items, your corrections on my trivia notes, and all in all the good cheer. Thanks for that.

We’ve been serving up our weekend brunch today and having fun doing that, and this evening we’re going to have some more fun with hot food (such as pasties, pies and the BBC Burger), finely poured pints, and music from the Hot Club of East Lake and yer man Papa John. Great jazz to move the weekend along properly. Music starts at 9 pm.


The Sunday Pub Quiz at 8 pm. Music an hour before and 30 minutes after from Sam Fiske. More about that and other things tomorrow.


* Tartan Day

* John Dingley’s Birthday

* Bill Watkins’ Birthday

* And Merlins Rest’s Anniversary!!

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